Friday, March 27, 2009


So one of the great things about being away from home in a semi-large city is the non chain restaurants you can find.

Merlion is suppose to be a Singapore cuisine restaurant, but to me it looks more oriental/American fusion of eastern food.

There were so many choices I wanted to try! I had:
  • Walnut Chicken
  • Crab Wonton Appetizer things (WHICH WERE AMAZING)
Their menu was extensive, even including a vegan menu. They also have a huge assortment of Teas. Most of all, the prices were fair, I think my bill was $12 with tip.

I'm mainly writing this (and I have a few other restaurants that I want to write up) because whenever friends/family are like "where should we go to dinner", we always end up at TGIFridays, Hops, Olive Garden, and other restaurants that you can basically go anywhere in the country.

This place gets my thumbs up!

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Tekuo said...


I made a good choice for birthday dinner...maybe I should've let others come after all...I was afriad no one would like it.

And as I said, that place is not authentic Singapore food or even any Asian food for that matter.

Its fake-o American passing off Asian food. Even though there as Asian people working there, making authentic Asian food is a pain in the ass and takes a lot of time and well, whiping up this American "Asian" food doesn't take a lot of time.

I still think its a yummy, pretty place to eat. Plus I eat just about anything.

I'm hungry now. This is why I only visit your blog on occasion. Lol. <3