Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

This recipe uses the Master Shredded Chicken recipe!

So I love anything buffalo really. This was really easy to make and tasted great:

Buffalo Chicken sandwich


1. Combine the chicken and as much hot sauce as you want. Buffalo marinade/sauce would also work, but I didn't have any so I just used hot sauce, tasted good.
2. Heat the chicken
3. In a separate bowl combine sour cream, blue cheese, cayenne pepper. Mix well.
4. Cut your bun, add a piece of lettuce, pile chicken on. Top with blue cheese sauce.
5. Enjoy:

So I made 2 and had already ate one before I realized I should take a picture!

OVERALL: Simple easy snack using leftovers and easy/cheap ingredients. Also can be scaled up to feed a large group! I'm sure you can use the same concept with BBQ sauce and coleslaw for a BBQ chicken sandwich.

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