Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kitchen Social Experiment

This post isn't really about food. But it's about a college experience nonethenless. Unless you've grown up in a house where you make your own dinner or you have a fair amount of siblings, it comes as a shock when you move out on your own and face sharing a kitchen.

My first year at college was spent in a dorm. I shared a room with a girl. We never became friends really. I had 2 pots, one chefs knife, one paring knife, a small plastic cutting board, and a community kitchen. Now, I'm pretty sure my experience was abnormal compared to others who have shared the joys of dorm life, but I didn't like living in a dorm. Next year I moved into an apartment with friends, thinking it would be a huge change from the constantly dirty pots and pans piled in the sink for days.

I was wrong.

Right now there are only 2 of the 4 girls in my apartment that *know* how to work a dishwasher apparently. Myself and a graduate research student from germany.

The hardest thing you will have to content with when living with others, is people using your stuff and not cleaning it. I can't tell you how upset I was when I saw my new chefs knife I got for christmas sitting in the dirty sink water. It now has little rust stains on it. It was brand new. Roommates cut meat on my wooden cutting board and LEAVE PIECES OF MEAT OVERNIGHT on my cutting board. Roommates use my teflon pans and use shiny metal tongs or forks to stir, scrathing the coating. Roommates leave food overnight in my pans. Like, right now, theres a pot of rice that has been on the stove since thursday night. One roommate lives by the motto "out of sight out of mind", which is evident in her forgetting that meats and vegetables have a shelf life. I cleaned the fridge this weekend and threw out rotten tomatoes and marinating pork chops that were in the fridge since mid week february.

The worst part was the dishes in the sink. I would put away dishes every night and unload the dishwasher every other morning. They weren't even my dishes. It just got to me.

I told me roommates they can't use my stuff anymore, and they need to do their own dishes. So far it's worked out alright but there are dishes in the sink this morning from 2 days ago.

Not really sure why I'm posting this. I just am at a loss of what to do.

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