Sunday, September 7, 2008

Red Wine Chicken

Red Wine Chicken
adapted from this recipe

2 Chicken Breast
1 cup Flour
2 tbsp Paprika
2 tbsp Hot Chili Powder

1 Cup Red Wine
Half an Onion, sliced thinly
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup water or Chicken Broth

1. Set up a station to dredge (or dip) the chicken into the flour/paprika/chili powder mix. Make sure the chicken is thoroughly coated. Heat up a medium size pan with oil. When the oil is ready drop the chicken in and let it cook for about 3 minutes on each side. The chicken will continue cooking throughout this meal.

2. Remove the chicken. Drain the oil, saving a very small amount. Add the wine, brown sugar, water/chicken broth, and onions. Let this boil for about 5 minutes. Add the chicken. Cook covered for about 15 minutes.

On a side note, I sliced up a potato and sauteed in oil with some pepper for about 10 minutes.

Overall: I know the red wine cooking with chicken isn't ideal. Red Wines are much better with beef and maybe pork. However, I don't eat that. My roommates parents brought us 2 bottles of red wine because the kitchen has a large collection of wine bottles displayed, from the old roommate, not me. Not wanting to be rude, I accepted the wine. Too bad no one in the apartment drinks wine.

Onto the chicken. I suppose I would have marinaded the chicken in some red wine for about 20 minutes before cooking? I don't know, there wasn't a lot of flavor in the chicken for me. It actually tasted better the second day! This meal was easy enough to make and didn't require constantly being at the stove. I've never cooked with wine before so I don't know if the lack of powerful flavor is something normal. I would make this chicken again though, with some modifications. Any suggestions?


Enghorn said...

Hmm...being that you are a not-that-big-a-fan of chicken, it's hard to make better what's not the best to start with. If you wanted to add a bit more red wine flavor to the chicken, I may suggest, instead of draining, just make a complete reduction, although as you've said, the pairing is best with non-chicken.

Heck, why not just make some chicken parmesean and drink the wine.

Yeah, I know this wasn't remotely helpful. I like commenting.

Alyse said...

haha. I like reading. To clarify, all I eat is chicken :)

But I don't drink wine! And chicken Parm is like the best dish ever. I've yet to make it because I don't want to fail horribly!

I've thought about making a reduction sauce, and just sauteeing the chicken (Or grilling maybe) with a dry italian spice rub, or something. Perhaps that will happen!

Enghorn said...

Oh dear. Some blogger said they hated chicken. Forgive the mix-up, por favor/please.

(Honestly, how did I get that mixed up)

Divya said...

Congrats on your weekly giveaway win!
Nice blog you got here. Love love love the desserts!